Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Twilight Saga

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This evening, my book and movie review will be combined. Anyway, I will be reviewing 'The Twilight Saga':

Book 1: I loved this book. It's the first book of four in the amazingly written Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer ( She is my absolute favorite author! Twilight begins the story of Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan. She is a very pretty, smart girl who moves from blistering hot Phoenix, Arizona to drizzly Forks, Washington State. She expects her visit to her divorced police chief father, Charlie, to be boring and irritating, but, she finds adventure and love when she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen. *I will stop with any spoilers that I may've given away and continue with what I think about it: Meyer's debut novel was a very detailed, yet it didn't drag on whatsoever. It is mainly based on the topic of true, eternal love. Although, there is some vampire action towards the middle-end. Even if romance isn't quite your forte, you'll still LOVE this book. Read the book/series. I promise you'll like it!

Movie 1: I loved the movie, but not as much as I loved the book. The movie had great acting, directing, and effects. Watch this movie! You won't regret it.

New Moon
Book 2: This book was my fourth favorite book out of the four books in the series. It was great, although a surprising plot twist made it not my favorite. It was very interesting and had more action than the first. While Bella's heart is broken, it is mended with time by her best friend and (*SPOILER ALERT*) shape-shifting Native American wolf. In this book, the vampire police (The Volturi) were introduced. I was intrigued by the nature of the Volturi and read this book without regret.

Movie 2: I liked the movie. The (*SPOILER ALERT*) wolves were expertly done by CGI. Chris Weitz directed this film. It had some comedy and the jokes were very funny. Watch this movie (and Twilight), you guys!

Book 3: I LOVED this book! Non-stop action. This is my favorite book, you guys! Seriously, read this. Yes, romance is incorporated into the plotline but it's ALL ACTION. It will have you on the edge of your seat, contemplating flipping to the end to see what happens. The plot is so fast-paced and exciting. You HAVE to read this book. Plain and simple! :)

[Movie has yet to be released. 14 more days!!!!!!!]

Breaking Dawn:
Book 4: This book was the unforgettable conclusion to the saga that has entranced millions! The plot flowed very easily and Meyer tied up any loose ends and answered every possible question in this beefy book. It is definately shocking and exciting. This book will make you laugh, cry, and experience thousands of other things! Like I said before, READ this book!

Read this series. It was fantasic and a great experience for me. I read this book series seven times and it never gets tiring. If you don't read this series, then you are truly missing out!

You can get more info on the books and the author on Stephenie Meyer's website:

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