Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day of Revenge by Deanna Proach

Good evening, bloggers.

Tonight, I will be giving y'all my thoughts on a soon-to-be-published aspiring author named Deanna Proach. Deanna has written a novel entitled Day of Revenge, a historical novel set in France during the Reign of Terror, one of France's most terrifying days. Deanna, a college graduate, has always loved writing and her dream of becoming published has come true.
Deanna grew up and currently resides in the chilly wilderness of Canada. Before persuing writing, she went to school, training to become an elementary teacher. When she ditched her teaching career, she decided to write and maintain her own blog(s). Deanna is now hard at work on her next novel, To Be Maria.
Aside from her writing, Deanna loves the theatre. She now, in co-exist with writing, spends her days acting at a local community theatre. Deanna, with ties in the film/video industry, hopes to flourish her acting career while still keeping roots to her writing.
I plan on interviewing Deanna so stay tuned for the next installment of my journey as Deanna releases her book and delves into the cut-throat world of acting.

-Casey :)

P.S. Deanna's blog:

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