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Underworld (Abandon, #2) by Meg Cabot, Book Review

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot, the dark reimagining of the Persephone myth begun in ABANDON continues ... into the Underworld.

Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera isn't dead.

Not this time.

But she is being held against her will in the dim, twilit world between heaven and hell, where the spirits of the deceased wait before embarking upon their final journey.

Her captor, John Hayden, claims it's for her own safety. Because not all the departed are dear. Some are so unhappy with where they ended up after leaving the Underworld, they've come back as Furies, intent on vengeance . . . on the one who sent them there and on the one whom he loves.

But while Pierce might be safe from the Furies in the Underworld, far worse dangers could be lurking for her there . . . and they might have more to do with its ruler than with his enemies.

And unless Pierce is careful, this time there'll be no escape.

Title: Underworld
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Point
Pages: 320
Release Date: May 8, 2012
Source: Publisher
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 4/5

Underworld picks up right where the first installment, Abandon, left off.  We last saw Pierce and John escaping into the Underworld together to save Pierce from the Furies who want to see her dead--for good this time, but Pierce is convinced that the Furies are going to harm her family and friends back on the earth plane where they live unprotected, in the realm of the living.  After much pleading with her true love John, he agrees to help Pierce rescue her cousin, Alex, after receiving a macabre video on her cell phone (aka "magic mirror").  Pierce and John return to the earth plane on a daring rescue mission...and then all hell breaks loose.

I absolutely adored the first novel, Abandon, and Underworld did not disappoint me.  From page one, I was hooked by the mystery of John's past and the love that he and Pierce share.  I enjoyed the fast-paced action and adventure--there was never a dull moment in Underworld.  Whether encountering evil, demonic Furies or vengeful, psychotic grandmothers, Cabot continually kept the ball rolling, and I was thrilled until the very end.

There was a lot of character development in Underworld--in the first book, Pierce was adjusting to her life after dying, coming back to life, and being shipped off to live with her mother in Florida after a mysterious accident in Connecticut, and Pierce seemed much more mature and intelligent in this book.  Pierce is one of my favorite heroines of all time--she's smart, independent, and brave, and that's what makes her so appealing to me.  John Hayden, Pierce's immortal boyfriend, also grew up a lot in many ways--I enjoyed how Cabot combined real-life characteristics of modern day relationships with the traditions of nineteenth-century affairs (which is the time area in which John lived before being named as keeper of the Underworld.)

I highly recommend the Abandon trilogy for fans of paranormal romance, or simply anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, thrilling love story retelling one of the darkest Greek myths of all time--the myth of Persephone.

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