Monday, February 21, 2011

Claire de Lune (Claire de Lune, #1) by Christine Johnson, Book Review

Rating: 4.5/5

Torn between two destinies...

Claire is having the perfect sixteenth birthday. Her pool party is a big success, and gorgeous Matthew keeps chatting and flirting with her as if she's the only girl there. But that night, she discovers something that takes away all sense of normalcy: she's a werewolf.

As Claire is initiated into the pack of female werewolves, she must deal not only with her changing identity, but also with a rogue werewolf who is putting everyone she knows in danger. Claire's new life threatens her blossoming romance with Matthew, whose father is leading the werewolf hunt. Now burdened with a dark secret and pushing the boundaries of forbidden love, Claire is struggling to feel comfortable in either skin. With her lupine loyalty at odds with her human heart, she will make a choice that will change her forever...

Hey, y'all! I hope you're having a good Tuesday morning and it's currently 12: 17 a.m. and I'm blogging. Oh, well! Anyway, I recently read Claire de Lune, the debut novel by debut author, Christine Johnson. I rated this book 4.5 stars out of 5 and enjoyed this book. Let me start off by saying this: the cover is beautiful. I love, love, loved the cover. And I also loved the little eerie message on the front: "The moonlight will expose her secret..."

This novel focuses on a sixteen-year-old teenage girl named Claire, who lives a lavish life and is often looked after by her loving au pair/nanny, who reminded me of a crossover of Hannah from Nancy Drew and Ole Golly from Harriet the Spy. When I was younger, I quite enjoyed the Nancy Drew books and Harriet the Spy was a pretty good novel. I no longer read either of them because they are for a much younger generation and I am a lover of paranormal/supernatural romance. Anyway, moving on...

One thing stood out very clearly to me: the werewolf society is female dominated. I particularly enjoy books with a matriarchal society, such as The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast, one of my favorite book series of all time...just saying. I enjoyed the chemistry between Claire and the jock heart-throb known as Matt Engle. Swoon! The bubbling romance between Claire and Matt was subtle, floaty, and bubbly. Claire was an actual teenager, with childish choices and a mindset to match. In some YA novels, authors tend to make their heroes/heroines seem forty-years-old when, in reality, they range from ages 13-17. Claire, being a teen, fit the image perfectly.

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  1. i have just finished this book and i have to say that i agree with your review 100%! it s very well-written and Claire is exactly how a teenage girl should be... :)

    ps. I have just found out about your blog and I immediately became a follower!! ur reviews are great!!!! keep going like that!!! <3

  2. Thank you :) I'm really glad you enjoy my book reviews. If you have a blog, I would love to follow it. :) xD <3