Saturday, January 21, 2012

Otherwise by Jennifer B. White, Blog Tour

Reluctantly, Delilah Gray has returned to her childhood home—a ramshackle cottage where her compulsive, hoarding grandmother, Meema, raised her. Meema’s ghostly manifestations refuse to let Delilah clean the filthy house, or to stay there peacefully. And that’s just the beginning of Delilah’s problems. Lonely, angry, and hiding a painful secret, she tries to find a place for herself in a town that she once discovered was “in-between”—a portal to the worlds of the supernatural. Upon her arrival, Delilah unwittingly gets caught in the middle of important business between The Keeper, whose job it is to keep souls on the physical plane, and The Sender who helps speed the dead on their afterlife journey. When Delilah discovers that she is connected to Lily Defoe, a woman who leapt to her death many years ago, and to a man who refers to himself as The Gravedigger for Lost Souls, she realizes there is more to her homecoming than she anticipated. Who she is, and who she’s been, crosses the boundaries of life and death. Nothing—not the people she meets, not this very moment in time, not even the tragic death of her daughter—is what it appears to be. Not only does Delilah have her own “soul searching” to do, but she must work with some of Green Lake’s oddest characters to uncover the mysteries of several unsolved deaths that have never been forgotten. While strange and supernatural occurrences threaten Delilah’s already fragile emotional state, she still has a crucial choice to make that will change everything. She comes to understand that there are some things that are worse than death. There is Otherwise—to be confined to a twilight state between the spiritual and the physical worlds. OTHERWISE is a chilling tale about lonely spirits, protective forces, and departed loved ones who are never really gone—and a woman who, after wanting to die, finds a reason to live and to love again. Only to discover what it is to be Otherwise.

Jennifer B. White has written a boatload of books, a mass of movie scripts, and, from time to time, epic poems that all begin with the words; This is a very long sonnet, so grab a drink. Go on, get on it!
Growing up, her family understood that a certain amount of supernatural phenomena was to beexpected. Her father foretold his mother’s death and witnessed her ghost. Many years later, Jennifer received a “sign” that her father was dying when her house was filled with the scent ofincense. She got to her dad in time to hold his hand as he passed away. It’s okay, she’s made peace with his death. She’d just prefer if he’d stop playing with the dining room lights.
These experiences, and others like them, left Jennifer with seeds for several good stories like DEAD ASLEEP, OTHERWISE and THE WITCH AND THE DEVIL’S SON—novels that explore intriguing topics like ghosts, witchcraft, dreams, time travel, reincarnation, and the lines between life and death.
As well as penning novels, Jennifer is a screenwriter and Hollywood tagline writer. She lives and writes in Boston, Massachusetts, when she’s not in Los Angeles, California working on movies. She holds a BA in communication and an M.Ed in psychology. She has three boys—all were born in late October, the youngest on Halloween.
You can follow her on Twitter @nakedhollywood where she exchanges pithy comments with the celebrities that follow her. She’s also on Facebook because she enjoys seeing what people are eating for lunch. Jennifer responds personally to all her emails and tweets. It’s just the way she was raised. Go figure.

You can see my interview with Jennifer here, and connect with her on her Website, blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

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